30 July 2023

The Tshwane Automotive Special Economic Zone (TASEZ) is taking bold new steps to make sure it becomes renowned as Africa’s first automotive city and a world-class hub for the industry.

Monday, 24 July 2023 saw the launch of a major communications and branding campaign drawing attention to the work TASEZ in attracting investors, manufacturers, and stakeholders from around the world.

Campaign messages on social media platforms, at selected notable sites across the country including international airports, and on digital billboards across the Gautrain, will raise awareness of the unique opportunities and benefits offered by the special economic zone, and at the same time, establish TASEZ as a powerful and distinct top-of-mind brand.

The objectives of the six-month campaign are to:

  • Promote investment opportunities: By highlighting the strategic advantages of investing in TASEZ, the campaign aims to attract new investors and bolster the growth of existing businesses within the zone.
  • Increase visibility: The campaign will leverage various traditional media platforms such as TV, radio, print, digital and outdoor advertising to showcase TASEZ’s potential and relevance in the automotive industry.
  • Elevate brand perception: Through consistent messaging and compelling visuals, the campaign will help establish TASEZ as a reputable and forward-thinking hub in the automotive industry.
  • Strengthen stakeholder relationships: The campaign’s messaging will reinforce our commitment to collaboration and mutually beneficial partnerships with all stakeholders, including government bodies, industry players, and the local community.

Together, we can propel TASEZ to greater heights in the global automotive landscape.