The Tshwane Automotive SEZ

The Tshwane Automotive SEZ is Africa's First Automotive City, located in the Gauteng Province, the green City of Tshwane, Africa's Capital City, Africa's largest automotive city, an ideal location for growth, and an attractive investment destination for the Automotive Industry on the African Continent.

The SEZ provides un-parallel connectivity and harmony between the living city, green city and the productive city including an array of modern state-of-the-art infrastructure, government incentives and TASEZ additional investor support and value-added services.


The TASEZ is a key driver to economic growth in the City of Tshwane, and the Gauteng Province. With a mandate to create employment opportunities and promote economic participation for small, medium and micro enterprises (SMMEs) in the region, TASEZ is positioned to take the lead in growing Africa's new industrial revolution.

Positioned to take the lead in growing Africa's new industrial revolution

The project will reap socio-economic benefits for both local communities and SMMEs. Over 20,000 jobs will be created for the City of Tshwane residents over a period of time.
+- 1786 permanent
operational jobs

The TASEZ project provides un-parallel connectivity and harmony between the living city, green city, and the productive city, including an array of state-of-the-art modern infrastructure, facilities, and support services. It provides direct and ready linkages to regional and international markets, making exports easy to Southern African Development Community (SADC), which makes it a truly world-class African automotive city.

Direct and ready linkages to regional and international markets

“We must be more aggressive and decisive in pushing a vision of turning the entire province into a single, multi-tier, mega special economic zone.” Premier of Gauteng, David Makhura, State of the Province Address, 2019.



To be the benchmark for SEZs in South Africa whilst contributing to the growth of the Automotive Sector with the objective of being a major creator of new businesses and contributor to employment, transformation and socio-economic development.


To be a catalyst for employment, transformation and socio-economic development and industry growth by being a node attracting automotive suppliers and automotive-related manufacturers, assemblers and supporting services.

Goals and Objectives

As a catalyst for socio-economic development, the TASEZ's goals and objectives are:
  • To create economic growth and transformation within the South African Automotive Sector;
  • To create awareness and support for the development and growth of the TASEZ;
  • To support the process of attracting automotive and related industries and tenants into the TASEZ while achieving socio-economic empowerment for the surrounding communities; and
  • To ensure greater inclusion (Deepen value addition) of SMME within the Automotive Value Chain.

The Automotive Industry in South Africa
and the Gauteng Province

The automotive sector has been one of the most visible sectors receiving foreign investments, making South Africa the largest diversified manufacturing base in the region. As the largest manufacturing sector, vehicle and component production accounted for 27,6% of South Africa’s manufacturing output in 2019, while the broader automotive industry’s contribution to the GDP stood at 6,4%. The automotive industry, therefore, represents an increasingly important strategic and catalytic role in the overall South African economy by impacting directly on many important aspects, such as contribution to GDP, employment, skills development, economic linkages, technology, and innovation.

A unique value proposition

The TASEZ offers a unique value proposition, some which include:
  • Access to over 60 000 graduates in the City of Tshwane and the rest of Gauteng;
  • Access to regional markets in Sub-Sahara Africa;
  • Three minutes to Ford Motor Company, 30 km to BMW, Nissan, TATA, and IVECO; and
  • 30km from the Rosslyn Automotive Supplier Park which provides good opportunities for collaboration between the two developments – e.g. companies who do not qualify to be accommodated at the Tshwane SEZ to be moved to ASP.

Over 162.6 hectares of ideally located real estate

Favourable government incentives, investor support and value-added services have also enabled the TASEZ to secure investors.

The development of the TASEZ real estate spans an area over 162.6 hectares, will be rolled out in phases:


The TASEZ is committed to meaningful employment and business opportunities for communities and SMMEs in the City of Tshwane and larger Gauteng province. It has crafted sustainable socio-economic interventions that also centre the beneficiaries of this project. Local communities will be prioritised with 70% of all employment, while 30% reserved for imported specialised skills not readily available in the province or the rest of the country. Preference, however, will be given to candidates from the surrounding communities.
70% of all employment
opportunities to local Tshwane communities

Meaningful employment for the local communities

More than 6000 jobs are in the offing during phase 1 construction for candidates from the identified Target Areas, which include;

  • Ward 06 – Mamelodi West areas C2, D1, D4 and D5.
  • Ward 15 – (Nellmapius ext 6, ext 7, and ext 8, Ikageng and Buffer Zone).
  • Ward 18 – (Mamelodi East, Khutsong extensions, Mamelodi Gardens, Section 14, 15, 16, 17 and 1).
  • Ward 28 – (Mamelodi West areas, D2, D3, Moretele View and Buffer Zone).
  • Ward 38 – Mamelodi Sun Valley (X 13 and X14).
  • Ward 41 – Bellievue, Meyerspark, Murrayfield, Salieshoek, Silverton and Val de Grace
  • Ward 43 – Dispatch, Eersterust, Silverton (North of Pretoria Avenue) Silvertonedale and Waltloo
  • Ward 67 – Mamelodi; and
  • Ward 86 – Nellmapius, Samcor Park, Willow Brase and Willow Park and Willow Park Manor.
+ - 6068 Phase 1 Zone 1
construction jobs


All qualifying candidates from these Target Areas are invited to submit their CVs on this website) or SMS your "FULL NAME", and word "CV" to 45775, and one of our qualified agents will contact you. Preference, however, will be given to candidates from the identified, surrounding communities.

Meaningful business opportunities for SMMEs

The TASEZ development will create an influx of economic activity into the region, as well as generate socio-economic benefits for both local communities and SMMEs in the following industries:

  • Security;
  • ICT Maintenance;
  • Facilities Maintenance;
  • Construction;
  • Automotive Supply Chain;
  • Marketing and Advertising;
  • Catering and Events; and
  • Information and Technology (among others).

R1 billion to be spent during phase 1 construction

There is an estimated R1 billion to be spent during phase 1 construction, with 262 packages earmarked for qualifying, local SMMEs in the Bulk Earthworks and Top Structures. A portion of the project budget is set aside for training, mentorship and support of the local SMME's through the TASEZ labour and SMME Desk. Main contractors will use the City of Tshwane Contractor's Panel while the Province's SMME database will be used for the sourcing and employment of SMMEs and the labour component of the Project.

262 SMME packages for phase 1 construction


Qualifying SMMEs in the City of Tshwane and the rest of the Gauteng province can now access construction phase 1 SMME opportunities. You can also SMS your "Full Name & Name of Your SMME" to 45775, and one of our qualified agents will contact you.


Be part of Africa's First Automotive City

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