Our Mission & Vision

Our vision

To be the benchmark for SEZs in South Africa while contributing to the growth of the automotive sector, with the objective of being a major creator of new businesses and contributor to employment, transformation, and socio-economic development.

Our mission

To be a catalyst for employment, transformation, and socio-economic development and industry growth by being a node attracting automotive suppliers and automotive manufacturers, assemblers and supporting services.

Our values

Our values are driven by our strategic goals and objectives:

To create economic growth and transformation within the South African automotive industry.

  • To create awareness and support for the development and growth of the automotive SEZ.
  • To support the process of attracting automotive and related industries and tenants into our SEZ and achieve socio-economic empowerment for the surrounding communities.
  • To ensure greater inclusion (deepen value addition) of SMMEs within the automotive value chain.

Our mandate

  • To promote integration with local industry and increased value-added production.
  • To broaden economic participation by promoting small, micro, and medium sized enterprises and co-operatives, while promoting skills and technology transfer.