The Tshwane Automotive Special Economic Zone (TASEZ) is Africa’s First Automotive City, located in the Gauteng Province, the green City of Tshwane, South Africa’s Capital City. It is an attractive world-class automotive city and a preferred investment destination for the automotive industry on the African Continent. Its proximity to an established automotive industry allows for increased economies of scale and scope, thereby lowering the cost of doing business. The SEZ offers world-class customised solutions, incentives, support services and systems for manufacturers seeking excellence, productive and progressive location.

The SEZ is a catalyst for employment, transformation and socio-economic development and industry growth. It boasts the most skilled labour in the sector, easy access to a strong consumer base, and connectivity to both suppliers and potential markets whilst promoting export-orientated industries and local integration.

Prime Propositioning

With over 162.6 hectares, the TASEZ offers direct and ready linkages to regional and international markets, making exports easy to Southern African Development Community (SADC). Located within the City of Tshwane, TASEZ provides direct and ready linkages to the regional and international markets, making exports easy to Southern African Development Community (SADC).

The City of Tshwane is:

  • Globally recognised for being a world-class manufacturer of cars, buses and trucks;
  • Accounts for 40% of South Africa’s automotive production;
  • Home to over 30 JSE listed large companies;
  • Globally regarded as the knowledge Centre of South Africa;
  • Tshwane has an impressive concentration of academic, research, technology and scientific institutes;
  • Innovation Hub, CSIR, SABS, Gerotek, Universities, etc.;
  • Over 60% of South Africa’s scientific and industrial research output is from Tshwane;
  • Over 60 000 graduates annually;
  • Access to regional markets in Sub-Sahara Africa;
  • Three minutes to Ford Motor Company, 30 km to BMW, Nissan, TATA, and IVECO;
  • 30km from the Rosslyn Automotive Supplier Park which provides good opportunities for collaboration between the two developments – e.g. companies who don’t qualify to be accommodated at the Tshwane Automotive SEZ to be moved to ASP;
  • Multiple access road systems and close to major north-south-east-west routes: N1 and N4 national routes for road logistics, providing a platform for export to SADC; and
  • Access to a rail siding to national rail routes.

Our Purpose

  • Facilitate the creation of an industrial complex, having a strategic national and regional economic advantage for targeted investments in the automotive manufacturing sector ranging from Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) level down to Tier 3 suppliers;
  • Develop infrastructure required to support the development of targeted industrial activities;
  • Attract foreign and domestic direct investment;
  • Increase investment and growth in the manufacturing industry, particularly the automotive manufacturing industry;
  • Take advantage of existing industrial and technological capacity, promote integration with local industry and increasing value-added production;
  • Promote regional economic development and create decent work and economic and social benefits in the region in which it is located, through the development of mix used facilities within the SEZ;
  • Broadening of economic participation by promoting small, micro and medium enterprises and cooperatives, and promoting skills and technology transfer; and
  • Take advantage of existing SEZs and promote collaboration with these SEZs.


The Tshwane Automotive SEZ is a leading investment destination, offering;

  • Infrastructure: A secure, business environment with world-class manufacturing and logistics infrastructure that is designed to support freight-orientated activities through rail connectivity to ports designed to accommodate both containerised goods and ro-ro ships;
  • A number of additional Value-Added Business Solutions that will support businesses within the precinct;
  • Service Offering: A professional team of sector specialists, who drive the development of Tshwane Automotive SEZ, ensure that it continues to remain a competitive business environment, linking both investors and developers to various regulatory bodies and facilitating the development process;
  • National Government Support: The Department of Trade and Industry, through the Special Economic Zone Fund, provides financial support for investor-related infrastructure; and
  • Provincial and Local Government Support: The Gauteng Department of Economic Development and the City of Tshwane provides financial support and resources necessary to manage and implement the SEZ.